PreAct Technologies

PreAct Technologies

PreAct Technologies’ newest generation of patent-pending flash LiDARs, and its complementary SDK, are perfect sensors for robotics, healthcare, ITS, logistics, security, industrial, consumer electronics, trucking, and automotive applications.


Mojave™ is the first software definable, near-field, flash LiDAR at a competitive price. With its object detection and volumetrics capabilities, it makes it a fantastic choice for a general use case scenario. With industry applications such as robotics, smart cities, AgTech, MedTech, EdTech, automotive, and trucking, it solves the most pressing business challenges.


See precision at work by bringing a distant object into focus! With over 1.4 million points per second of depth information, PreAct’s Mojave™ LiDAR sensor never fails to bring your target into focus. Our high resolution stands out for clear object detection and volumetrics. Capturing previously undetected objects now stand in the forefront of your critical business analysis. Seeing is believing!

Our seasoned engineers took your input to heart! Now, with excellent cliff and edge detection coupled with the ability to detect floor slope and camber, experience how Mojave™ is an extension of your visual needs for business challenges. Seeing the intricacies of angles add that dimension of much valued precision measurements and requirements. Test it in your environment today!

Performance on the go! With low power needs, now additional hardware may be incorporated to enhance your innovation. Mojave’s USB-C connection allows you to move easily in today’s remote working environments. Whether on the go or not, Mojave’s in-place and here for you!

The small but mighty footprint positions you a step ahead of your competition! Whether it’s a small space requirement or portability needed, Mojave™ easily is incorporated into your next entrepreneurial endeavor or current business need. Size and weight do matter, at 3.543" x .984" x .984" and 2.8 ounces, throw it in your pocket and go!

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