With a global network of Manufacturers in place, Brevan is here to keep you moving with traceable, quality supply chain solutions for the healthcare industry. The precision and proper functionality of each component is critical when dealing with the health of people. Let Brevan source electronic components you can rely on.

Healthcare Solutions

Sensors are essential components in healthcare devices, such as pulse oximeters, blood glucose monitors, and wearable health trackers. Brevan’s extensive line of high-quality sensors can be used to solve your supply chain solutions within the healthcare field.

These components are the brains behind many medical devices. They process data, control device functions, and enable communication between devices and healthcare systems. Allow us to source the right microcontrollers and microprocessors for your next project.

These include components like X-ray tubes, CT scanner detectors, and ultrasound transducers, which are essential for various imaging modalities used in diagnostics.

Brevan can source power management ICs that help maintain the reliability and efficiency of healthcare devices.

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