Brevan History

Brevan Electronics 1983

Brevan Electronics History

Brevan Electronics was formed in 1983 as a distributor of high-technology electronic components. It initially aimed to serve a wide variety of original equipment manufacturers with its products. With time, the company expanded its services and now is a leader in providing electronic components and custom cable assemblies, wire harnesses, and electronic services.

Brevan Electronics Today

Today, Brevan Electronics stands as a leader in the electronics industry, providing high-quality electronic components, custom cable assemblies, and wire harnesses. What sets Brevan Electronics apart is its status as a woman-owned business. Under the leadership of CEO Michelle Dufoe, the company has made significant strides in fostering growth, education, and professional development opportunities for its employees. Since 2018, Brevan Electronics has experienced significant growth, with its continued recognition as a 2023 Top 50 Global Distributor exemplifying its success and expansion in the electronics industry.

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