Global Sourcing

Brevan Electronics is a highly experienced authorized distributor of electronic components with a strong focus on sourcing parts across all industries.

Global Sourcing

With decades of industry expertise, Brevan excels in sourcing electronic components from a wide range of manufacturers, ensuring uninterrupted production for our customers. Whether it's addressing obsolescence sourcing, component shortages, or providing value-added services, Brevan Electronics stands out as a reliable partner capable of procuring any part from any manufacturer.

The Brevan Difference

Our long-standing industry relationships and sourcing technology grant us access to parts not otherwise available.

Brevan's data-driven sourcing technology and long standing manufacturer relationships, allow us access to parts not otherwise available.

As an authorized distributor, Brevan is dedicated to meeting the highest quality standards, backed by trusted brands and stringent quality control measures.

We excel in providing superior customer service to meet our customer's needs effectively. With same-day shipments and no order minimums, we prioritize convenience and flexibility, ensuring a seamless experience for every customer.

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