Inventory Management

Make inventory management a breeze with Brevan's VMI solutions. Our experts will work with you to identify, track and monitor inventory levels so you can focus on other areas of your business. Get the visibility, control and accuracy you need from our reliable and efficient VMI programs.

Inventory Management

Brevan Electronics is ready to serve as your partner for vendor managed inventory. From stock-level forecasting and management to shipping and warehouse operations, Brevan's Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI) services can relieve the burden of owning inventory while boosting operational efficiency and putting the focus back on your core business objectives.


Our proprietary software can secure product and manage inventory planning. This software is capable of providing powerful data-driven insights that help businesses to make the smartest decisions in terms of inventory management. Our software will reduce costs, increase productivity and optimize processes to ensure optimal performance.

Our VMI solutions include utilizing our global warehousing locations - eliminating associated costs. We also provide our customers with access to 24/7 real-time inventory visibility, so your supply chain can be managed quickly and efficiently. Our services also include tailored inventory replenishment, real-time order processing, and customized reporting to help ensure your business runs smoothly.

Brevan is an ideal centralized solution for managing requests from multiple sites. It allows companies to organize, manage and track requests, ensuring that all requests are documented in one place. Brevan can automate much of the request tracking process, including routing requests to the appropriate personnel, tracking progress and ensuring that requests are completed in a timely manner. Brevan can also alert personnel of any changes or updates to the request, ensuring that everyone is kept up to date.

Our proprietary software allows us to stay ahead of inventory levels by monitoring and tracking usage. It provides real-time insights into the stock levels, enabling us to determine potential shortages before they occur. Thus, it helps us maintain accurate inventory records and restock when necessary, avoiding costly delays that result from stock-outs.

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