Consumer / IoT

Consumer / IoT

The network of interconnected everyday devices, appliances, and objects that are integrated with sensors, software, and internet connectivity. Various connected devices can collect and exchange data, they’re typically a central part of the functionality consumers’ daily lives. Brevan offers opportunities for enhanced product quality, cost savings, improved customer experiences, and more sustainable practices in the manufacturing process.

Solutions to Meet Everyday Challenges of IoT Demands

Smartphones are a central hub or a remote control for various IoT devices, making it easier for consumers to manage and interact with their IoT ecosystem. These devices are integral as they foster convenience, automation, and control in the connected home and beyond.

Typically, wearables worn on the body offer various services that are designed to collect and transmit data, provide information, and offer numerous services to users. Brevan keeps up as their popularity and capabilities continue to expand as the technology and consumer demand for these devices increases.

Brevan works with the integration of IoT technologies and data-driven insights into the manufacturing processes of consumer goods. Smart manufacturing aims to improve the efficiency, quality, and flexibility in the production of consumer products.

Smart TVs, streaming devices, voice control, gaming consoles, and more are all technologies that provide convenience and an enhanced experience for users while also creating a more interconnected and automated home environment.

Fitness devices have transformed to be equipped with internet connection and communicate with other smart gadgets. We supply a more data-driven, interactive, and personalized fitness experience for these devices making it easier to track progress and stay motivated on a health and wellness journey.

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