Aerospace / Defense

Aerospace / Defense

Brevan understands how critical it is to manage key factors for the components of our aerospace and defense customers. We provide superior quality testing protecting against counterfeit so that each component must meet or exceed federal sourcing needs. With our decades of experience, we have the parts expertise and audited processes to deliver the most complete authenticity and functionality of every product we source. You can trust Brevan as a partner to support your supply chain needs.

Aerospace / Defense Industry Solutions

Successful air navigation involves piloting an aircraft without getting lost. Brevan’s mission is to supply safe and cost-effective navigation capabilities that meet operational requirements.

As the aerospace and defense sector grows it is our responsibility to include equipment that provides industry-leading accuracy and clear communication systems to get you there safely.

In these intensive manufacturing environments Brevan provides a broad range of high-strength materials for any type of operation. Thus, manufacturing aircraft engines with the conversion of raw materials into extremely reliable precision machines.

We manufacture a variety of goods for military and civilian aircraft conditions that meet exceptional quality control solutions. For every electric power supplier’s needs Brevan provides advanced solutions, and a commitment to delivering values to clients that have budgetary or time constraints.

From the sky to the ground, our communication components are available for the most advanced in-flight connectivity including commercial use, defense, and government use.

Nature is unpredictable, pilots can be confident that Brevan’s weather radar solutions will help them navigate safely and efficiently, no matter the weather condition.

The primary goal of air traffic monitoring is to ensure the safe orderly management of air traffic by preventing collisions and providing guidance to pilots. We supply precise coordination and advanced technology for this highly regulated process as it plays a crucial role in the global aviation system.

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