We at Brevan recognize that reducing operating costs is only half the equation in today's competitive market place. Providing real value and supporting this effort with excellent customer service are essential in supporting our customers. Brevan continues to listen to the "voice of its customers" to define new ways of providing value to them.

Customer Training

Brevan's "Fundamentals of Components" Training Program has become an important part of the New England purchasing program. This program designed by Brevan to provide essential component education to its customer base, is recognized as an excellent tool by suppliers and OEM's alike.

Just in Tme

No need for those nail biting shortage meetings. A Brevan sales person will review your current usage and assist you in planning for a continuous flow of product. Your inventory will be maintained at the Brevan corporate warehouse and be prepared for shipment upon request. This Grandfather of value added services still maintains its youthful purpose. Shown here is Mr. Ray Thebodeau, corporate warehouse manager. Ray is responsible for all activities associated with the movement, receipt, storage and quality of the company's inventory. A twenty- year veteran of distribution management, Ray continues to identify methods to insure the highest quality of service to the Brevan customer base.

Consignment Inventory

Cutting paperwork, reducing time and cost is the essence of this program. Product maintained at your facility is controlled and replenished automatically upon usage.

Power supply adjustment

Power supply outputs are set to your specification. Additionally wiring and harnessing can also be completed to further reduce your handling cost.


Consolidation is the key phrase of this program. Brevan inventory control staff will procure and prepare individual kits, designed to your specifications, which are then ready for immediate application.

Tape/Reeling - Lead Cutting/Forming

As a leading supplier of passive components to the New England market, Brevan will provide your company with product designed to your specifications.

Bar Coding

Provided with your specifications, Brevan staff with complete all shipments with bar-coding. Another step towards reducing your cost of product handling.

Cable/Harness Assembly

Underscoring Brevan's cable\harness assembly program is its partnership with the highest quality manufacturers of cable and harness assemblies. This partnership allows Brevan to provide you with an efficient, quality and cost effective solution for your assembly requirements.

It is staff such as Maybelle Delong, an assembly specialist for the past seven years, that truly makes a difference in quality and service for our customers.