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Co-founders, Stu Schuster and Bob Purcell

"As we celebrate our 30th year of operations, we thank our customers, employees and suppliers for making this milestone possible. Providing value to our customers, underscored by excellent customer service continues to be our focus and goal. Listening to the "voice of our customer" will always serve as the primary source of direction for this company."


Committed to individuals with "disabilities"

For over three decades, Brevan Electronics has recognized the importance and benefits of providing employment opportunities to individuals with disabilities. This belief has led to the recognition and understanding that individuals with disabilities can "do the job", accompanied with the highest levels of enthusiasm, quality of character and commitment.

Brevan Electronics encourages all corporations to explore the wonderful benefits of employing this segment of our population. Please visit the PLUS Company of Greater Nashua's web-site ( ) to learn more about the "capabilities" of this outstanding work force. Be assured that each state in the country has wonderful organizations such as the PLUS Company.


Distributor of the year award

In a recent ceremony conducted in Las Vegas, Brevan Electronics was awarded the Distributor of the Year award from Grayhill Inc. This prestigious award acknowledges Brevan as the leading distributor world-wide of Grayhill products.

Among the selection criteria are sales dollars, enthusiasm for selling Grayhill products, and ease of doing business. In a press release, Mr. Paul Slattery, Grayhill National Distributor Sales Director, stated that "Brevan personifies and exemplifies all the positive attributes that Grayhill desires to bring to the marketplace".

Brevan Receives New Hampshire "Leadership Award"

In a recent ceremony held in Concord, NH, Governor John Lynch presented representatives of Brevan Electronics with the 2010-2011 Employment Leadership Award. THis prestigious award is given annually to the corporation, recognizes the skills, and contribution individuals with disabilities bring to the workplace. In his remarks, Bob Purcell stated that hiring individuals with disabilities is something, which all firms should consider. "The beneifts are extensive and the results immeasurable."

For over 25 years, Brevan has been recognized as a major leader among the hundreds of electronics distributors nationwide. Underscoring this accomplishment is the fact that over several thousand distributors conduct business throughout the country. This accomplishment would not be enjoyed without the continued support from our many customers and quality suppliers.

"Outstanding Sales" recognition award.

In a recent ceremony conducted at its corporate headquarters, Brevan was awarded the "Outstanding Performance" award from BUD Industries. BUD Industries, a Wiloughby, Ohio based company, is a worldwide leader in the design and manufacture of quality electronic enclosures.

Mr. Walter Cuches, spokesperson for BUD, noted at the award's ceremony that "Brevan's performance this past year embodied all the attributes necessary for selection. Sales growth, enthusiasm and ease of doing business are just a few of the qualities exhibited by the Brevan team this past year."

"Lunch Pail" program introduced into New England Market

Senior Account Executive Dal Williams displays the "Lunch Pail"

Continuing its history of innovative sales and education techniques, Brevan has developed and introduced the "Lunch Pail" program. Brevan sales staff will be visiting customers throughout New England exhibiting and demonstrating major product groups to the procurement community. Doug Gifford, director of Product Marketing for Brevan states, "this sales and marketing program will provide elevated visibility to major commodities and at the same time provide an educational opportunity for our many customers.

Brevan's commitment to excellence extended to the educational platform several years ago. The "Fundamentals of Electronic Components" is a program designed by Brevan to provide essential component education to its customer base. Classes are held on all major categories of electronic components. Please call Linda Robinson today for the next scheduled training date and to reserve your place in this popular and educational program.

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Donna Oliveri recently celebrated her 10th anniversary as a member of the Brevan field sales staff. A seasoned veteran of our industry, Donna brings an energy and enthusiasm to her customers each day. Her proudest accomplishement is raising her two beautiful daughers.



Celebrating her 25th anniversary is Diane Lytle. Diane's tenure at Brevan has been underscored by upward mobility. Beginning her career at Brevan as an accounts receivable clerk, she has moved successfully through the ranks and is currently a Product Marketing Specialist. All those who know and deal with Diane appreciate her professionalism and dedication to her customers, suppliers and co-workers.


Ray Thebodeau, all-star goalie for the Brevan hockey team is celebrating his 15th anniversary as warehousing and distribution center manager. Ray is a true professional in his craft and has significantly contributed to the successful development of the Brevan warehouse's state-of-the-art facility. Amongst Ray's greatest accomplishments was his first shutout this past season.


The Brevan Championship Hockey Team boasts a career record of 3 – 30. The team’s lack of success is far outweighed by its enthusiasm of the group. Brevan Bears are eager for new opportunities and challenges.



Members of Brevan senior management team were guests of the Army National Guard to enjoy a flight on the US Army's latest elite helicopter, the "Blackhawk". This opportunity was given to Brevan as recognition of the company's continued support of employees who elect to serve their country while working full time.


Brevan employees enjoy surfing and kayaking on a beautiful summer day at Ogunquit Beach, Maine. This trip is one of many held during the year for strategic planning and team building activities.



Members of the Brevan team enjoy a beautiful summer day in Boston on one of the company's team building days. A relaxed trip on the famous "swan boats" was enjoyed by all.



Mark Ryan celebrates his 25th anniversary at Brevan. Mark's continued dedication to "servicing his customers" has established him amongst the finest sales professionals in the industry. When not supporting customers, Mark can be found at Fenway Park cheering his beloved "BoSox". Passionate? You bet. Ask Mark how the Sox's are doing.



Jeremy Rose so too celebrates his 15th anniversary at Brevan as a assembly specialist. If you count yourself amongst JR's friends (and there are many!) you will know that he brings the highest dedication to work and co-workers each and every day. An avid bowler, this mild mannered gentleman becomes the "hard nosed" competitor when game is on the line.


Doug Gifford also celebrates his 25th year at thehelm of the corporation's Product Marketing Department. Through his responsibilities of managing corporate inventories and supplier relationships, Doug has developed friendships around the country. Often times, these friendships are underscored by Doug's shared love of golden retrievers and his long time passion of rescuing those dogs in distress.


A gold medal for Bob and Mike

Pictured below are Bob Purcell and Mike Smith amonst their PLUS Pride Special Olympics basketball team. Both Bob and Mike proudly received their gold medals at the New Hampshire Special Olympics, held in Portsmouth New Hampshire this past winter. Mike Smith, assembly specialist adds this latest gold medal to the many awards and achievments he has secured as an outstanding special olympics athelete.

Bob Purcell 1st row far left and Mike Smith back row 2nd from right

A Brevan Grandchild

A "very young" Diane Lytle has excitedly announced the arrival of her second grandchild. This makes two grandsons and she has wasted no time at all in enjoying this latest arrival. It remains a mystery to her friends and co-workers how someone so "young" can be a grandmother!

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